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Our company was established in 1983 as BIKKOPLAST Production Company. In the very beginning it was a single member company, equipped with nothing more than an injection molding machine designed by the owner - Mr. Janusz Wnęk. In 2004 the BIKKOPLAST Production Company was converted into Bikkoplast Co. Ltd.

From the beginning, we focused on producing plastic parts for household appliances and consumer electronics. For many years we have been cooperating in the production of plastic parts. Our machine park includes modern injection molding machines with mold clamping forces from 80 to 900 tons and injection weight up to 4.5 kg, robots, CNC machining centers, extruders, feeders, etc. In order to perform painting or galvanizing we cooperate with reliable business partners, ensuring the highest possible level of quality.

Bikkoplast from the very beginning, has been building its reputation as a highly experienced, responsible and reliable business partner in the field of plastics processing and designing and production of injection moulds.

As one of the first companies in Poland, we have introduced an innovative and unique glass overmoulding technology, which allows to overmould details of almost any shape and size, made of various materials (metal, glass, plastic). Production was started in 1995 on a mould designed in cooperation with French engineers.

In 1996, Bikkoplast started a pioneering gas injection technology. The technology was unique on the polish market. This method enabled us to produce details with a high quality external surface, high mechanical strength and at the same time it allowed to save a considerable amount of raw material. For the production we were using a mould constructed in our company tool shop. This mould was at the time one of the first of its kind in Poland.

Since 2005, by using a dual-compound method, we have been producing complex shaped parts with increased mechanical strength using two materials of different hardness or colour.

Over the years, Bikkoplast has established itself as a reliable manufacturer. In view of the dynamic development of the domestic appliance industry in Poland, we continue to face new challenges of maintaining and strengthening our position.

As the history of our company shows, over the years we have cooperated with companies operating in the household appliances sector, but also with a group of companies from the construction sector. With the latter we cooperated in producing plastic sludge wells, used in the construction of motorways, municipal and household sewage systems.

We systematically invest in modern equipment and machinery, significantly increasing our market competitiveness. We put special emphasis on the proper equipment for our tool shop which works in close cooperation with our design office.

While working in close partnership with our Clients, we endeavour to keep our services at a level that not only meets but often exceeds our Clients expectations.

Bikkoplast Co. Ltd. offers fast, efficient and cost-optimized approach to the completion of our customers' orders, ranging from design, through production to final assembly of the product.

As a result, we have gained trust of our Polish and Western European customers.

The main goal of our company is to achieve customer satisfaction and trust through high quality of manufactured products and timely delivery. We achieve these through:

- efficient work organization
- using specialized high-end machines and continuous development of the machine park
- selecting qualified employees
- applying the latest technological solutions
- continuous improvement of the Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2015

We continue to develop, showing sales growth each year, exporting our products to European countries and beyond the European continent.

At the moment, we are a well-equipped facility with great innovation potential, retaining high technical standards while developing an automated production.